Our Work

We've painted a good collection of miniature paintings.

How to Send

Pack your figures in a box with neat packing to avoid breakage in transit.

Please use Air Parcel Post to send your figures for painting. Air parcel post charges are reasonable and the transport mode is safe. If you are a customer from USA , always use US Postal Service (Air Mail). If you are from UK, please use Royal Air Mail.

Our mailing address is given below for you to send your figures for painting. There is no minimum order quantity and your orders will be done within the least turn around time.

Delivery time will be 4-5 weeks for a commercial shipment and a sample order is shipped within 2 weeks from the date of receipt. We use a reliable air courier service or air parcel post to return your figures.

All painting charges could be made by Western Union or by a wire transfer to our Bank(Direct Debit).

Postal Address

M.P. Wijekularatne
14/3 Gunathillaka Mawatha
Panadura 12500,
Sri Lanka.

Tel: (+94) 38 2241024
Email: philgreg@eol.lk






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Customer Testimonials

10 years, that's great and a testament to the fine work your dedicated staff and painters produce.
The painters and staff at Philgreg Painters have always done an exceptional job with my orders. I have provided painting guides but if they have questions about a particular uniform color or shade they do not hesitate to contact me. I have used them several times now and the quality of their "collector" level painting is exceptional. The painted figures are individually and carefully wrapped and I have never had any problems with shipping. I highly recommend them for their painting service.

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